Roku Discontinues Direct Publisher Channels

Do you have a Roku Direct Publisher channel? Roku has announced that it will forcing all Direct Publisher channels to upgrade to an SDK channel by January 12, 2024. Direct Publisher is a self-service platform that allows channel operators and developers to create and publish their own Roku channels.

The tool has been in use since 2012, but Roku says that it is no longer necessary as the company has developed more sophisticated tools for developers. However, for most channel owners upgrading to an SDK channel requires the help of a professional Roku developer.

According to Roku, Direct Publisher channels will continue to work until January 12, 2024. However, developers will not be able to build new Direct Publisher channels after July 12, 2023. Roku has announced that after January 12, 2024, they will be removing all Direct Publisher channels from their platform.

Roku says that it is sunsetting Direct Publisher in order to focus on its newer developer tools, such as the Roku SDK and the Roku Channel Store. The Roku SDK is a more powerful tool that allows developers to create more complex and feature-rich channels. The Roku Channel Store is a centralized marketplace where users can browse and install channels.

The sunsetting of Direct Publisher is a significant change for the Roku developer community. However, Roku says that it is confident that its newer developer tools will provide developers with the resources they need to create great channels.

How to Upgrade Your Direct Publisher Channel

If you have a Direct Publisher channel or you have received a notice about Roku requiring you to upgrade your channel, MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC can help you affordably upgrade your channel to a new Roku SDK channel. Click here to check out our reasonable pricing. Please contact MIC for a consultation on your Roku development needs. We are happy to help upgrade your channel.

If you operate a channel utilizing Direct Publisher, you will need to migrate your channel to the Roku SDK before January 12, 2024. You can find more information on this on the Roku Developer website.

If you want to create a new Roku channel, you will need to use the Roku SDK. The Roku SDK is a more powerful tool than Direct Publisher, however it requires an experienced developer to upgrade your channel to an SDK channel.

If you are concerned about the sunsetting of Direct Publisher, you can rest assured that MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC can help you upgrade your channel. Just contact us and we will help you with your upgrade.