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Classic Movie and Specialty Channel Network

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) owns and operates more than 50 Classic Movies and Speciality Channels on Roku, FireTV, Android and iOS. Each day we play thousands of ads to viewers watching movies and classic TV shows on our well established channel network. We offer advertisers the unique ability to reach our viewers with targeted and effective messages.

The viewers on our network offer a unique set of demographic characteristics that propel them into a higher category of entertainment watches than other Internet based ad networks. Most notably our networks attracts well-established audience with financial resources. Unlike other trendy media networks, our seasoned and financially stable viewers are well suited to purchasing good and services.

Our network, of established and financially stable viewers means a higher conversion rate than other networks. Too often Internet media viewers are extremely young, finacial unstable and have very limited resources. Our network of older viewers are a financially stable, have more disposable income and are a dependable audiehnce for your brand.

Please contact us if you would like today to learn more about advertising opportunities on our channel network. We are happy to talk to you.

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