Roku Developer and Roku Channel Developer

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) is an experienced Roku Development company, creating channels for customers since 2005. We provide first-rate Roku channel development services, programming and software engineering services to clients in healthcare, higher education and business.

MIC has done Roku development and engineering for clients such as, where we created launched and developed a custom video on demand Roku channel.

We develop both Paid Subscription Roku Channels and channels that do not require users to subscribe (aka Free Roku Channels). We also develop Advertising Ready Roku Channels which allows you to monetize your channel by playing ads from which you collect the revenue.

We are reasonably priced, as we will always look out for our customers. Be sure to review our channel development packages and pricing. Please read our article "Roku Channel Development Cost" to learn what our channel development is all about. Also read our article "About Roku App Development" to learn more about developing a Roku app.

If you are interested in monetizing your Roku channel, please read our article How to Monetize Your Roku Channel which shares various strategies you can use to make money with a Roku channel.

Our channel app features the following:

Companies offering a Roku channel for a high-monthly service charge is illegitimate. They will simply give you a few Gigabytes of bandwidth each month that quickly get eaten up when you stream content to your customers. They then charge you high prices for the additional bandwidth that you need to service your customers each month.

We do not require you to buy high priced-bandwidth from us. Neither do we charge you a high mandatory monthly service charge just to keep your channel on Roku. If you need additional services, MIC is always available to update your channel when you are ready.

Our projects have given us extensive experience in integrating customer websites with Roku channels. Customers can log onto a website, become a subscriber and instantly use the Roku channel. Alternately we can design Roku channels that allow purchases or subscriptions directly through Roku.

To find out more about Creating a Roku Channel please read the linked article.

Our company is also an experienced Roku private channel development company. These channels officially known as "Roku Non-Certified Channels" have many uses. Organizations and businesses who only need only private access for their members find this type of channel highly useful.

Please contact MIC for a consultation on your Roku development needs. We are happy to help with your project.