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Hospital Marketing and Communications

We have helped numerous hospitals market their physicians and service-lines since 1995. Our founder, Richard MacMillan managed Marketing and Communications for While Memorial Medical Center in East Los Angeles in the early 1990s. When he first opened this firm in 1995 he specialized in providing marketing consultation services to numerous hospitals both on the west and east coast of the United States. Today with more than 20 years of hospital marketing experience, MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC continues to provide a wide range or marketing services to both physicians and hospitals.

Our Wealth of Hospital Marketing and Communications Knowledge

We offer our clients years of experience in hospital marketing. We use data gained over more than 20 years of hospital campaigns in order to craft our marketing efforts. Our firm has a proprietary database of key words and phrases that we draw on in order to create our hospital client marketing campaigns. We have run campaigns on services ranging from birth centers to hip replacement medical groups. We stand ready to use our knowledge to help you with your next campaign.

We deeply understand the needs of hospital marketing departments. Please read our white paper entitled "The Functions of a Hospital Marketing Department" to learn more about our understanding of the unique needs of hospital marketing.

Also see our article entitled "Five Reasons to Automate Your Hospital's Social Media and Web Marketing Strategy" to uncover an extremely effective method for promoting your hospital.

In addition, read our related article "Five Ways Hospitals Can Increase Sales" to understand who to target and how a hospital gets business.

Key Strategies

We have a number of tools that we utilized to help our customers. Here are a few:

  • Proven social media marketing strategies
  • Writing of high value web page content to boost organic search traffic
  • Implementation of targeted pay per click campaigns to attract customers
  • Email list subscription and content distribution campaigns
  • Phone, email and text marketing with response tracking
  • Creation of custom software such as pregnancy email lists
  • And more...

Delivering Custom Tailored Solutions

We custom tailor marketing solutions to the specific needs of each customer. For instance, when our Florida Hospital customer needed to communicate with expectant mothers, we design and wrote a specific piece of software that determined the mother's week of pregnancy and then sent her email messages custom tailored to her pregnancy week as she moved forward. This type of highly customized solution is the type of strategy in which we specialize.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about automating your web marketing and social media efforts.